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The Science of Neuro-Plasticity


Welcome to Subscription to Happiness and “change made easy” based on the science of Neuro-plasticity. Up until recently, we believed that once we became adults the brain could no longer be changed and was stagnant very much like our height once we reach a certain age. The Good News is that the science and research of Neuro-plasticity  dictates that the brain can change until we die.

I am not interested in trying to sell a product but it is my contention that if I educate you on the facts about Neuro-Plasticity, you may choose to make your life better in some way. The mind affects our relationships, health, success, happiness etc.. Therefore there is no area of our lives that we cannot improve by changing the nature of our thoughts.

Wiring – As has been demonstrated in many cases but in particular with ISIS, people can be brainwashed and wired to even commit and perpetuate heinous acts on other people. You can take a red blooded American and within 2 years or less this individual can be wired to attack masses and commit atrocities. Thankfully, if we can be brainwashed to be destructive, we can be conditioned to be constructive, happy, successful, capable and have an “ I Can” attitude. The process is quite simple…we learn through hearing, feeling and the pictures we create in our minds. This process is designed to help you through hearing,  feeling and by helping you create pictures of the new you in your mind. Please sign up and read the short book, “Extraordinary Thoughts-Extraordinary Life”  the link is below.

Good News– thankfully by the same token that we can be conditioned to do unspeakable acts we can be conditioned to be happy, fulfilled, confident and successful.

Everyone’s Brain is wired, primarily in the first 7 years of our lives. Some of the wiring or conditioning is good and as most therapists will confer, some of the wiring/conditioning is detrimental to our wellbeing. We are wired to sabotage, fail, be depressed or anxious, intimidated, unhappy, pessimistic and a myriad of other dysfunctional ways of dealing with life.

Solution– we created the “Green –Pill” that you put in your ear. The “ pill” is a 50 second recording that you listen to throughout  the day and we update you with a new recording every week.

Further, we offer a weekly broadcast call-in session so you can pose a question or listen to the response of other participants that may benefit you as well.  Sometimes change happens quickly and is easily noticed and other times change occurs slowly and it is more subtle therefore  you want to create a good and honest survey of where you start so you can re asses yourself after a few weeks.  The good news is that now we know that every brain is susceptible to positive change…no exceptions!!.

Green Pill-confidence and general well being.

Blue Pill-health, weight and wellness (coming soon)

Red Pill-relationships made easy (coming soon)

Yellow Pill-anxious free

Brown Pill-breathe easy business success

Welcome to “Subscription to Happiness” also known as “Positive Change” and we hope you enjoy the journey on this process we call life.

The cost for these uplifting and thought provoking weekly audio broadcasts is $25/month for the auto-renew subscription (which is a $10 discount) or $35/month for the pay-as-you-go option.

Yours in Health and Happiness,

Subscription to Happiness

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