About Dr. Edmond Zlotea


Dr. Zlotea has fervor and passion about health and related topics. The catalyst for his studies was his own desire to resolve his migraines and chest pains that began while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

After 18 months of numerous pills, tests, and laboratory studies, he found himself out of the service and seeking a physician for pain management in St. Petersburg, Florida. This exploration led him to a whole body physician, Dr. Burell and later Dr. White.

Their approach was different and thorough in that these Doctors were seeking to find the cause of his migraines and not just cover up the symptoms with pain medications.

They asked questions about emotional challenges and physical traumas.  They performed allergy tests to remove dietary allergens while the body was recovering and made dietary changes according to ancestry and blood type.

The treatments were far from conventional but they were grounded on a two thousand year old principle of healing.

Hands on and natures cures were the only type of treatments performed. Dr. Zlotea later coined the treatments “Living Bible Medicine”. Within nine months, migraines and chest pains that plagued him forever were gone for good. Within a short while he pursued further academia to gain his bachelor in Science and soon after, was accepted at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia where he received his doctorate in chiropractic medicine.

Within 2 years of enrolling at Life University, his mom started receiving treatments and was free of migraines that tormented her for 30 plus years. The anguish of daily vomiting coupled with the migraine pain was lifted off her in a matter of 12 months with regular treatments of “Living Bible Medicine”.  Since then, he has read every biblically based text, every self help book and attends health related seminars obsessively.

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