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My name is Dr. Edmond Zlotea, or “Dr. Z”. I have been providing Chiropractic care and Alternative Medicine for more than 20 years. In that time, I have helped thousands of people in pain or who have suffered from some form of illness.

I take a gentle – whole body approach to wellness. True health doesn’t mean you need to pop a handful of pills daily just to survive – or do some sort of risky surgery for that matter. In my office, we want to find natural solutions to your health problems. We work with your whole body to figure out what is actually causing your symptoms.

Please don’t get me wrong…

Drugs or surgery are useful in the proper context. Meaning… if your health is in crisis and you need to change things fast, medication or surgery may be a proper course of action.

The problem is when you must live your life dependent on pills or surgery and it becomes the only answer.

We doctors don’t know the long term affects of being on this or that medication or having this or that type of surgery. So, when you can find a process or way of living that allows you to avoid medication or surgery, I think it is a good thing!

That is what I want for you…

That is what my office is all about. I want to help people find ways of healing that don’t involve drugs or surgery.

Your body is finite. Meaning, you only need look at your environment, what you put into your body, how you treat your body (exercise and toxicity) and your genes.

I made it sound simple, but in truth it can be very complicated. Each of the things I described above is a science unto itself.

We give you somewhere to turn.

Pills and/or surgery are not always the answer.

Schedule an appointment. Lets talk about your health. Put my expertise and experience to work for you. I can’t help you unless you give me the chance…

Let me help you find true health.

Dr. Z

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